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Puppy T290 Project, plus+

Hi, i'm back for six months or so, I won a level 3 night job for 2
nights a week from home, so that should pay the bills for now at least!

Now, BarryK uploaded a lot of racy6/quirky6 stuff up on the net via
quirky/quirky6 and below..., but it doesn't work right as it was set for
his bkhome.org server and only the public quirky6 stuff (I think) was
uploaded and not all of that has appeared.

BTW, should / can someone backup the bkhome server before it
dissapears???? and put it somewhere.

- I've tried to build both the quirky6 and racy6 RAWS using his woof,
it's in the uploaded files, and both have problems.

- I'm more interested in the racy style as I look after a 'few' of the
existing racy5.5 for locals and want to step them up as well as sort a
few packages they have asked about, both updates and new, that need
updated libs.

- Rather than continue the RACY name line, as I had intended before, but
which really is barry's, I thought I would use a more relevant one, thus
the name 'T290' is born. This equals T2 Version 9.0. Also by doing this
I can do a few minor changes of how I layout things like the menu to
somewhat more suitable for my users, who in the main are over 50's and
with limited to no previous computer experience.

- I'll also initially create a directory structure set on my webserver
and upload the relevant files there as I go in case there of use to others.

- When i'm happy with it, we will discuss how to move them to ibiblio
and the mirrors and the new woof3 structure I see starting to appear.

- I also want to eventually create a 64bit version, but I need to get
the 32bit sorted first.

Comments and sugestions please......

Karl, can you have a look through your GIT Training on murga-linux.com,
i've left you a problem on part 3 and can't see where I have gone wrong,
maybe there is a step missing or i've misinterpreted one. I might add
i'm a complete novice with git not having used it anywhere for this type
of action before, but did think I followed your written steps exactly.

I have a need for a multi-lingual 64bit puppy with QT5.2 or QT5.3, is
anyone near that level yet? It needs the various language fontpacks
available and installed before the QT5 package is built. I can build the
QT package if that is the problem, but it's a giant in 64bit, so will
need to be it's own sfs when done. It's for a doccument translation
package where it's working on various picture formats in jpg, raw, png
and the like, replacing the text parts from one language to another. One
of our Russian linux user groups are creating it, i'm just the local
builder and tester for them at this stage.

I shall go back to JWM when I have a moment next week and see what's
what and where I left it. I believe Mick has updated his config package.
Mick do I need to do anything other than the new name when rebuilding
and testing?

enough for now, time for an evening meal before a short sleep and on
duty for the night.

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Re: Puppy T290 Project, plus+

Well, what fun!

I'm going back to working with T2 as Barry did in the start as there is quite a bit of knowledge to pickup before I can satisfactorally build a T2 Puppy.

The most interesting thing to me is that T2 seems to be building everything straight from source code into packages using scripting and then just packages them up into an iso, img, etc. Also by using source code it can build for many platforms without having packages for each.

Packages are by default $packagename-$version.tar.bz2 and that seems to be what barry was working with in his racy6 and quirky6 so I shall try to follow.

I wonder if we could eventually incorporate some of this into puppy.

I also want to add amigo's src2pkg as it could be very helpful!

However I have two questions for you all that I will need for my build, preferances or plannings please by response..

1- do we use static packages when available (ie build them that way) or are dynamic preferable?

2- Static Libs should go in /lib or always /usr/lib?

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Re: Puppy T290 Project, plus+

Yes, i'm slowly getting to the first step with the help or Rene of Exactcode who seems to run the T2 area.

I'm finding bugs for him with the T2 9.0 trunk still (4 left to go at this preXorg stage).

Next will be an T2 Xorg and then I shall move to puppy.

I think I will follow what barryk did for racy/quirky6 and only use framebuffer, modesetting and vesa as video. It should simplify things a lot.

The hardest bit will be building the Packages-T2-xxxx list as T2 does things differantly and I suspect barryk had a script that built it automatically. I wish he was around to talk it through with.

I won't be combining packages, at least for now, as I get use to it all, and the first build will be buggy as I work out how to and what packages to rebuild after pulling unwanted (to puppy) bits out!

But I am having fun and that's the main thing!

However there are an awful lot of packages in theor database i've never heard of in the t2 system, partly due to it being cross-platform, and it's going to take some time when I get to this point.