BUG: rmdir */*/* in /initrd folder

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BUG: rmdir */*/* in /initrd folder

Karl Godt
While I was studying the files in /initrd - especially /initrd/tmp -
I decided to

cd /initrd
rmdir */*/*
rmdir */*
rmdir *

to get a better overview .

Outcome was that
almost all dirs
- even the mounted


and such -
got removed .

Tested both on
pup-430 and puppy_slacko64-5.8.8
kernels and 3.13.1
with their corresponding rmdir --version(s)
in PUPMODE 12 .

Don't know if that is an aufs.ko or rmdir.coreutils "problem" .
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Re: BUG: rmdir */*/* in /initrd folder

Works for me also in PUPMODE=5 on Slacko. :)

I'd bet on AUFS - I noticed that the disappearance is being triggered by deletion of the corresponding (empty!) dirs from /initrd/pup_rw/initrd/.
So, restricting to max. second level (rmdir */*) would prevent that.

But why's that happening? No idea, ask Junjiro R. Okajima. ;)

BTW, in PUPMODE=13 /initrd/pup_rw/initrd/ contains only tmp dir.